History of Kincumber/Bensville Group.

1st Kincumber – The Group was originally located in the community area of Kincumber, behind the shops. Unfortunately, over 10 years ago, the Group closed due to lack of Leaders and the remaining youth members were transferred to Bensville.

1st Bensville – The Group started meeting in the Boat Shed on 8th August 1991 and was registered in October 1991. In January 1992, the Group grew so much that a second Cub Pack started. The Scout Troop started in 1992 and the Joey Mob started in 1993. The group grew to around 80 by the end of 1993, so we needed to meet at the Empire Bay Community Hall, as we outgrew the boat shed. The Cub Pack of 30 was run in the Boat Shed.

KBSS 072Kincumber/Bensville Scout Group – In 2011 the Group decided to incorporate our two locations into our name to become the present day, Kincumber/Bensville Sea Scout Group. Our boatshed is located in Bensville on the beautiful Brisbane water, at the end of Kallaroo Road. Our weekly meeting hall is located in Doyle Street, South Kincumber, off The Scenic Road.

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